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Inside the congregation of The Church of God in Kenosha, Wisconsin, lies a deep understanding of the Christian religion, molded by fundamental beliefs that lead its members towards spiritual growth and fulfillment.

Fundamental to their creed is the concept of penitence, which is not just an act but a state of being—a true sorrow for past wrongdoings and a decisive turning away from them. This repentance is seen as the first critical step to deliverance and justification, signifying the start of one’s way in faith.

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Following contrition is the idea of righteousness, defined as The Lord’s action of forgiveness following genuine contrition. This heavenly forgiveness guides to a process of rebirth—a religious renewal that ends in the “spiritual birth”. This transformative occurrence makes persons new creations in The Messiah and daughters of The Almighty, acting as an vital requirement for entrance into The Kingdom of Heaven.

Afterwards, purification is considered as a following work of mercy, directed at purifying individuals from natural transgression and directing them to a life of purity. Holiness, described as a situation of living liberated from transgression, becomes reachable by means of the process of sanctification—a return to the holy state planned by The Almighty before the downfall of humankind.

In application, The Church of God in Kenosha, Wisconsin, highlights the importance of initiation, both of through water baptism and the christening of the Holy Spirit, commonly manifested by speaking in an unknown language. Furthermore, the congregation maintains the conviction in the reinstatement of spiritual talents inside the congregation, with these talents serving both individual followers and the collective group of adherents.

Based in the lessons of the Holy Scripture, the congregation advocates living according to God’s will and nurturing a life pattern of sanctity. This entails withholding from substances like liquor and tobacco, as well as upholding moral standards in marriage and everyday behavior. These teachings serve as a beacon for followers, offering a way toward a journey that reveres God and raises others.

In reality, The Church of God in Kenosha, WI, provides a complete comprehension of the Christian faith, stressing doctrines of repentance, justification, regeneration, sanctification, and holiness. Via these core faiths, it equips its members to begin on a revolutionary voyage to spiritual maturity and satisfaction.