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Inside the congregation of The Sanctuary of God in Kenosha, WI, lies a deep grasp of the Christian faith, formed by fundamental beliefs that guide its believers towards spiritual development and contentment.

Integral to their faith is the idea of repentance, which is not just an act but a condition—a sincere regret for past wrongdoings and a determined turning away from them. This contrition is seen as the initial crucial step toward redemption and justification, marking the start of one’s way in belief.

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After penitence is the idea of righteousness, defined as God’s deed of pardon on true penitence. This divine forgiveness leads to a process of renewal—a sacred rejuvenation that concludes in the “spiritual birth”. This life-changing event makes individuals new beings in Jesus and sons of The Almighty, acting as an essential prerequisite for admission into Heaven.

Following, purification is regarded as a secondary act of favor, directed at cleansing people from innate wrongdoing and guiding them toward a life of holiness. Purity, characterized as a situation of existing liberated from sin, turns achievable via the process of sanctification—a restoration to the divine status intended by The Almighty before the fall of mankind.

In application, The Church of God in Kenosha, WI, stresses the importance of initiation, both in terms of by means of water baptism and the initiation of the Holy Spirit, often evidenced by speaking in an unknown language. Moreover, the church maintains the conviction in the restoration of spiritual abilities inside the congregation, with these talents benefiting both the individual followers and the collective body of believers.

Grounded in the doctrines of the Holy Scripture, the congregation encourages living according to the Divine will and nurturing a lifestyle of holiness. This entails withholding from materials like alcohol and nicotine, as well as preserving ethical standards in wedlock and daily conduct. These doctrines function as a beacon for members, giving a path toward a existence that honors God and uplifts others.

In reality, The Church of God in Kenosha, WI, offers a thorough comprehension of the Christian religion, highlighting principles of repentance, absolution, regeneration, cleansing, and purity. Through these basic faiths, it empowers its believers to begin on a revolutionary path toward spiritual development and contentment.